St. Kitts - Nevis Stamps and Postal History

1923 Saint Kitts-Nevis Tercentenary £1 stamp

St. Christopher and Nevis were separate colonies, divided by a shallow channel 2 miles wide, and with Anguilla, 60 miles N.W. of St. Christopher. Both St. Christopher and Nevis ceased issuing their own stamps in 1890 having joined the Federation of the Leeward Islands in 1882 and, from 1890 until 1903, the Federal postage stamps were used. In 1903 a joint issue appeared under the title St. Kitts-Nevis as, for over 100 years, St. Christopher had been called St. Kitts. Federal stamps continued to be used in St. Christopher and in Nevis.

Anguilla was part of the presidency, but had no stamps of its own and presumably used those of St. Christopher and, from 1903, the St. Kitts-Nevis stamps.

The postage rates were similar to those of Antigua. The post offices were:

  • General Post Office: Basseterre, St. Christopher Sandy
  • Branch Post Offices: Point, St. Christopher Charlestown, Nevis The Valley, Anguilla
  • Sub-Post Offices: Cayou, Dieppe Bay and Old Road, St.Christopher Gingerland, Nevis

Manuscript postal cancellations were occasionally used.

In 1924 a large double oval cancellation struck in purple reading REGISTERED PARCEL ST. KITTS was used on high values.

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