Palestine stamps and postal history

The stamps of Palestine under King George VI

Palestine Postage Due 1928-45 SPECIMEN stamps

At first glance, the pictorial definitives issued by the Palestine Mandate offer little to interest the KGVI collector. Although 16 values were released, there were only four designs, which the Israeli philatelist Meir Persoff summed up as 'unimaginative and dull'. A second glance, however, will offer much to excite the specialist collector, and particularly the collector specialising in the reign of King George VI. During that period the pictorials appeared on a number of different types of paper, which, along with new values, plate varieties, perforation and watermark oddities and a quite complex series of coil printings, helped to make the King's reign one of the most complex and rewarding periods of Palestine philately.

In this article I will attempt to provide a general overview of the issues, and will therefore cover the different papers used for the stamps, major plate varieties and the coil printings. Essential information can be gained from the Bale Palestine Mandate catalogue, which is the leading work on Palestine stamps.