Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands stamps and postal history

Cayman Islands 1912-1920 King George V Key Plates Stamps

Cayman Islands: 1912-20 wmk. Mult. Crown CA 10s. stamp deep red and green on blue-green (olive back), mint block of four, lower right corner marginal with plate no. 5. S.G. 52c

Seven of the thirteen values employed for the Imperium style series were little used and had a single printing only. The supply of these seven values lasted until the issue was superseded in late 1920. Four new values, the 1/2d, 2d, 2/- and 3/-, were added to the existing series for the Georgian issue.

Sheets were not numbered.

The 1/2d, 2d, 2/- and 3/- printing of March 1912 was made from plate la when the plate still had both top and bottom plate numbers. The 1/2d was the only Caymans value to be printed from both plate la and plate lb.