Barbados 1906 Tercentenary Of Annexation Stamp

In 1905, the correct date of the annexation of the Colony had not yet been determined, and it was mistakenly believed that the island was annexed in 1605, when the Olive Blossom landed at Barbados, and claimed it for King James I of England (see Chapter I.).

In order to commemorate the occasion, it was decided to issue a stamp in the denomination of One Penny. A contest was held for the best stamp design, and it was won by Lady Carter, wife of Sir Gilbert Carter, who was then Governor of the Island.

This design was sent off to the Crown Agents in February 1906, together with a Requisition for 500,000 stamps. The Crown Agents forwarded this to the printers on February 21st, and on March 1st, the printers submitted a design drawn in three colours according to the instructions received from the Colonial Government. They also submitted another specimen of the design printed in two colours to show the effect of it.

The design was finally approved and returned to the printers on March 9th, who promised the first delivery in four months’ time.
These stamps were printed under Requisition No. 19/06, and the first batch Were invoiced on July 26th, and despatched to the Colony. The stamp was issued on August 15th. 1906. The stamps are printed in sheets of sixty, twelve rows of five, and are perforated 14 by the line machine.

As mentioned above, there is a sheet imperforate between stamp and bottom margin. This sheet was purchased originally by the late Herbert Bayley, and on his death, it passed into the fine collection of Barbados formed by Herbert M. Shilstone Jr, of Houston, Texas. When the Shilstone Collection was sold in London in June 1977 by Robson Lowe, it was purchased by the author in whose collection it now remains.


Recess printed by Messrs. De La Rue & Co. Perforation 14. SG 152 1d. Black, Blue & Green. White paper. Watermarked Multiple Crown & CA (sideways).

Details of the quantity printed and sent out to the Colony are shown in the tables below.

Reqn No. Invoice date Qty Notes
19/06 26/07/06 180 000
19/06 08/08/06 345 000
Total: 525 000


One sheet is known, imperforate between the bottom row of stamps and margin. Also, an imperforate single from top margin.

Specimen stamps

Under Requisition No. 19/06, an additional 732 stamps were printed, and these were overprinted SPECIMEN for distribution to members of the Universal Postal Union.

Barbados 1906 Tercentenary Of Annexation Stamp overprinted "Specimen". SG 152s


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